Juicebox! – Juice & Smoothie Bar

Juicebox is a new raw juicery and smoothie bar here in downtown Burlington! We have just finished our space to create a wonderful environment for our customers to enjoy their juice. The space is shared with the most exciting new fitness studio in Burlington: cropped-logo-cyclepath-transparent-sharpened-23090 Take a look at what we’ve built!

Libra Floor Plan Logoed_D711758

Close your eyes…

Remember when you were sitting on the couch on Saturday morning, watching cartoons, and your mom brings you that tasty Juicebox, cold from the fridge?

At Juicebox, we’ve built our entire raw, fresh pressed menu around bringing those memories back. Come experience that same comfort, while nourishing, purifying, cleansing, and strengthening your body and mind through the power of fruits and vegetables.

Quality Control Alert! The way you look and feel is a direct result of the quality of the ingredients that you put in your body. That is why we make sure all of our produce comes in fresh! We’ve partnered with multiple Vermont farms to supply us with the best of the best that Vermont has to offer. Our passion for quality and sustainability doesn’t stop at produce. We use 100% compostable cups, straws, lids, napkins and other supplies, in full support of the Vermont way: GO GREEN!

Become healthier from the inside out.

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