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"Electric Tiger" becomes "Electric Nanny" State Grid Chaotian Power Supply Company helps industry development

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The warm sun in winter is warm and bright. Several large gold characters in the "land of hills and rivers and tribute to fish" in Yulian Village, Yudong Township, Chaotian District, Guangyuan City are particularly conspicuous under the sun's reflection, and even more eye-catching are neat and orderly, traveling between the mountains and the mountains. Low-voltage power lines. In Xinjiang and Tibet, working people are gradually returning to their hometowns. Men gather to slaughter the year-old pigs, and women pluck a few fresh garlic seedlings from the ground to boil water and prepare rice for soup.

Shahe Power Station of State Grid Chaotian Power Supply Company is located at the southernmost tip of Chaotian District. It has the reputation of "cherry land" and "chaotian walnut rolls around the world". The unique red weathered fossil soil of Shahe Cherry has traveled to the poor mountainous areas of Qinba. Tourists hearts. The supply area of the institute is 175.5 square kilometers. 23 employees are responsible for power supply tasks in 31 villages including Shahe Town, Xiao'an Township, Pujia Township, and Yudong Township, 214 villager groups, and 7065 households; 1,244 kilometers of high and low voltage lines, 195 units Routine maintenance of distribution transformers. A group of people wearing blue hard hats, wearing "Sichuan Electric Power" overalls, carrying green tool bags, always made the local people feel kind.

The business card of Shahe Power Station, "Poetic Shahe, Cherry Blossoms Bloom", focuses on power poverty alleviation and power boosting industry income, providing strong power guarantee for the local poor to increase income and become rich and local industry development.

Promoting online payment to the countryside

"We don't have a bus here. It takes half an hour to go down the mountain to the main road, and then take the taxi to the power station, which basically takes more than half a day. You paid for mobile phone bills early, but you do n’t dare to try it. Paying electricity on WeChat is so simple. "On December 20, Guo Youman, a group of 4 villagers in Yulin Village, Yudong Township, helped slaughter the pigs for Huiminsheng's family. The staff of Shahe Power Supply Company handed over his WeChat mobile phone payment. More than 10 people who helped slaughter the year-old pigs gathered together to surround the electrician: "Ladies and gentlemen, not only can mobile phones pay electricity bills and download handheld power. In the future, if there is a demand for electricity, you can also place an order online. "I really thanked Lao Zhao last time. The leakage switch in my house was broken. My mother was at home. Lao Zhao bought it for me and replaced it. My mother pleased me to call and thank Lao Zhao." "Hui Jun, Group 5 of Yulin Village, also plugged in. Promoting online payment to the countryside is only part of the job. Electricity promotion, safety inspections, helping villagers organize indoor wiring, replacing a light bulb, in the words of an electrician, that is all by the way.

Taiwanese district manager Zhao Sijun showed a kind smile on a dark face: "None of these are things, this is what we should do." Replace the switch, the lights are on, the lights are on, and the warmth is the hearts of the people in the mountains.

Standardize non-stop service for electricity and quickly promote industrial development

Yulin Village, Yudong Township is one of the 64 poor villages in Chaotian District, and is assisted by SINOMACH. In order to increase the collective economic income of the village, the SINOMACH planned the development of cold-water fish farming and walnut industrial parks. The power consumption of cold-water fish farming has become a problem. Wang An, general manager of Chaotian Power Supply Co., Ltd. said, "Where the industry develops, power will Where to extend the application. "Submitting the application, site survey, preparing materials, construction, 2 days, 120 meters low-voltage line provides power protection for cold water fish farming.

The walnut industrial park has a large area, and the roads in the industrial park need to use electricity for hardening. During a routine inspection of the Taiwan area manager, the Taiwan area manager found that Tang Dengkui, a human power source for drinking water power in Group 5 of Yulin Village, used the power to climb the ground without permission to transfer power to the industrial park for road hardening construction. Considering the difficulty in the construction of the industrial park during the frost period, the power supply station quickly merged with the two village committees, and negotiated to add temporary power immediately to solve the power consumption of the machine farm ploughing road construction in the industrial park. The 5 groups of Tang Dengkui in Yulin Village were disobeyed to supply power for drinking water, thereby avoiding the use of power by default Caused serious safety hazards.

Yu Junren, director of Yulin Village, introduced, "Thank you very much, Director Yao, you found it in time. If our villagers weeded in canola fields, hoeed the ground-climbing wires and shattered the electric shock, the consequences would be unthinkable. And a temporary addition was made in time. The use of electricity provides electricity protection for our village industrial park without delaying the construction period. On behalf of the people in Yulin Village, I sincerely thank the Shahe Power Station for its excellent service. "

In the wind and the rain, the power man kept a bright electric lamp in Dashan, and also kept the hope of the mountain. "Yellow pickup trucks and blue helmet-mounted motorcycles are the hallmark of electricity services. They not only serve electricity, but also often help poor households and elderly people in the village to solve other problems. The elderly who stay at home treat them as if they are His sons and daughters are calling. "Yan Yongxi, the secretary of Luoquanyan Village, Pujia Township, also a poor village, said with emotion, that people who used to think of electricity were" electric tigers ", but now they seem to be" electric nanny ". Very thoughtful.

Hardening the strong grid first is a guarantee

Chaotian District is a state-level impoverished county. In June 2019, the country passed the national acceptance check to achieve poverty alleviation. In order to help poverty alleviation and protect farmers' electricity use, the institute focuses on serving the "three rural" issues according to the local government's power service requirements. Taking the satisfaction of the people as the guide, and taking the "upgrade upgrade of power grid construction in poor villages" as the starting point, comprehensively deepening the construction of the "mass satisfaction window" power supply station, insisting on improving rural power supply capacity in a prominent position, and giving priority to solving the transformation of rural power networks in poor villages The construction of the upgrade project includes 3,648 poles, 248.6 kilometers of high- and low-voltage extension lines, and a grid investment of 30,300,000 yuan. It will solve the electricity consumption in 13 villages, including Guangming Village, Dongfeng Village, Yulin Village, Yuanjia Village, and Luojiayan Village in Pujia Township. Power bottlenecks. After the upgrade of the line, the ability to cope with severe weather has been greatly improved, and the power for industrial development in the poor villages has been guaranteed, which has provided the rural network power supply guarantee capability for the poor people to increase their industrial income.

The strong power grid is an objective guarantee. The institute also strengthens the awareness of supervisory services through humanized management. Continuously improve the customer repair mechanism, establish a system of manager responsible for Taiwan area, one-stop first-inquiries responsible for repairs, and ensure that the "warm repair technology" service is in place.

Dong Qingmei, Secretary of the Pujiaxiang Party Committee of Chaotian District, said: "'Zentative, patient, careful, and attentive' Shahe Power Supply Co., Ltd. of State Grid Chaotian Power Supply Company explained a simple sentence, 'You use electricity, I use your heart', and we have fulfilled our promises to the villagers . "(Yang Qiguo)

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