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What positions are suitable for girls in civil service examinations?

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"Three Takes" for girls applying for exams

Civil servant examinations have never been a simple task. It is no exaggeration to describe thousands of people crossing the wooden bridge. The number of applicants is high every year, and fierce competition has become commonplace. So how should girls choose positions in such a "battlefield"?

Option 1: related positions such as secretarial, accounting or personnel

Girls are more meticulous, patient, and thoughtful, and have better language and document writing skills. They have natural advantages in drafting documents, planning activities, communicating and coordinating, and handling huge data. Compared with other positions, the intensity is easier, the working environment is better, and you can get better development prospects for your own career development.

Option 2: Posts with high education requirements

In recent years, the phenomenon of "more girls than boys" is gradually spreading from foreign language colleges and teachers colleges to comprehensive universities; even in science and engineering-oriented colleges, the proportion of female students is increasing year by year. . Even in the specialty of male medicine, such as clinical medicine, girls have transitioned from "absolute disadvantage" to "weak advantage".

The proportion of girls in colleges and universities, especially those with higher education levels, is at a "fast speed" ratio. Although the saying that "the classroom has become a 'daughter country' of 'brilliant'" is somewhat exaggerated, it has to be acknowledged that the number of girls with higher education is increasing year by year. Therefore, in order to avoid competition with most boys and increase the chance of admission, girls can choose to apply for positions with higher education.

Option 3: Posts with foreign language requirements

Girls study harder, especially in the treatment of foreign languages. They have more consciousness and longer-lasting perseverance. Most of the girls have passed the test of English level 4 or level 6 during college, and have even reached the level of English major 8 , And also a second foreign language such as Japanese, French, Spanish, these are the first choice for competition in the civil service. The natural affinity, elegant temperament and beautiful image of girls have a unique advantage in foreign language translation positions. Therefore, girls can choose the positions required by foreign languages to apply.

"Three abandonment" of girls applying for civil servants

Give up one: relatively high labor intensity position

National civil servants have a variety of policies, such as lowering the score line and relaxing household registration, but some positions "need to travel at any time to conduct field investigations of field cases. The conditions are difficult, the environment is complex, and they need to be more resistant to stress and psychological endurance. "Some even explicitly require" limited men ". Such positions are obviously not suitable for" elegant and weak "girls, not to mention the fact that girls face the personal problems of marriage and childbearing. Therefore, girls apply for positions based on job requirements, Consider your own conditions, and apply rationally.

Give up two: highly competitive positions

The national examination can be said without exaggeration as "thousands of soldiers cross the wooden bridge". The position of "choose one thousand miles" is not uncommon. Therefore, when you apply for the exam, you can wait for 2-3 days and pay attention to the position you reported. The qualified number of experts of the public education should remind: to complete the registration 2 days before the end of the registration, in order to fail the review, you can report to other positions that meet their own. Therefore, when applying for the exam, girls can choose a few more positions to be prepared, so they must be prepared and not blindly obeyed.

Give up three: a distant job from home

Girls are inherently fragile and need protection. Employment in their hometown can avoid feelings of loneliness in a foreign country. As for his own position, working in his hometown can quickly adapt to the professional environment and enter a working state, and have a deep understanding of the local situation, and can communicate in depth with the masses, which is conducive to the rapid development of work and increased work. The stability.

To sum up, I believe that the girls are well-positioned for the positions they want to apply for. The girls, show us our enthusiasm, and make the “铿锵 rose” which is “the heart is like water and passion is like fire” during the storm.

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