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The production process and recipe of the new method of iron plate duck, free to share with everyone

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Teppanyaki is a new method that has just emerged. Compared with traditional roast duck, there are still many differences. The following is an introduction to the practice of Teppanyaki.

The first step is to cook Chinese herbal medicine (100 duck recipes)

Cloves, tangerine peel, fragrant leaves, row of grass, dried pine, cumin, ginger, licorice, paeony, star anise, pepper chilli (woody, mountain Chennai, white buckle, fragrant sand, fragrant fruit, grass fruit, white pepper, cinnamon) Break the eight samples in the brackets. Don't crush them too much, each of the above materials is 45 grams, add 15 kilograms of water, boil over low heat and cook for 3 hours. Then filter out the Chinese herbal medicine. Brew 200 ducks twice, and the Chinese medicine soup is boiled for 4 hours

The second step of pickling

Prepare 1200 grams of rock sugar, 150 grams of scented ethyl flavoring agent Jiaoxiang (sold by Bao) (requires hot dissolution), find a pot, add a small amount of Chinese medicine soup, and completely dissolve and add to the bucket. Boil 100 ducks of Chinese herbal soup, add 27 kg of water and weigh 2000 g of salt after weighing.

MSG 1600g, flavor 180g, healthy sugar 25g, chicken essence 400g, miso spoon miso fresh (sold by a certain treasure) 150g, rice vinegar 250g, cooking wine 1000g, miso spoon roast roast duck duck paste (a Available in Bao) 400 grams, 130 grams of flavored chicken delicacy cream (available in a certain Bao), 70 grams of yeast extract (cannot be heated, put in cold water), 600 grams of phosphorus-free water (not heated, put in cold water Into), flavorful spoon dripping fragrance (available from a certain treasure) 20 g

Mix the above seasonings and marinate the ducks for 16 hours. Place the ducks in the marinade and lay them flat. Note: The marinade should be used to submerge the ducks, then press them on a wooden board and shake them a few times to ensure that the ducks are all soaked.

Secondary pickling

The above seasonings can be marinated twice. The second marination needs to be added. 800 grams of salt, 600 grams of monosodium glutamate, 10 grams of healthy sugar, 60 grams, 200 grams of roasted duck fragrant sauce (available from some treasures), no Pickled with 200 grams of water. If the second marinating preparation is not enough, add one third of the 100 duck Chinese medicine soup.

100 ducks duck method

10 pounds of warm water: 150 grams of water-retaining agent, 150 grams of crispy gluten, 10 grams of healthy sugar, quickly mix in a bucket, add 300 grams of rice vinegar, cover one and a half with a spoon of fragrance (available from some treasure), and mix thoroughly After that, add 10 kg of cold water again and wash it again.

Sprinkling ratio

One pound of cumin powder + two pounds of pure cumin powder, one pound of spicy powder + one pound of pure paprika (chilli powder can be used according to local tastes, slightly spicy, and heavy spicy), white sesame sprinkled before ducks enter the oven Choose peeled sesame

Chili oil

500 grams of chili noodles, 20 grams of Shisanxiang, 50 grams of white wine can also be added, 100 grams of extremely fresh soy sauce, 50 grams each of coriander, shallot, ginger, garlic, 20 grams of Shisanxiang, 50 grams of white wine (optional) Plus), 100 grams of extremely fresh soy sauce, 50 grams each of coriander, shallot, ginger, garlic, 10 grams each of peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves and cumin, 6 kg of salad oil (according to the richness of chili oil cut back).

Chili noodles, thirteen incense, white wine, and soy sauce. Stir evenly (chilli noodles are too dry, add a little cold oil, add cold oil to fry). Coriander, spring onion, ginger, garlic, peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon fragrant leaves, cumin, slow fry in a wok over low heat. Fry until golden and crispy, remove the above ingredients, and burn the oil until a little smoke comes out. Add a spoon of hot oil to the chili noodles and stir.

After the chili oil is cold, there is a plastic wrap to prevent taste loss!

Finally, talk about food additives

As long as it ’s for catering, you basically have to use food additives. 1 is for seasoning to make your food more delicious. In fact, the condiments of our ordinary people are also food additives, such as monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, etc It is an additive, and 2 is also used to save costs. Some spices will be greatly reduced in efficacy when used for the second time, so at this time, additives are needed, which is easy to use and saves money.

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