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Fighting brain metastases from lung cancer for three and a half years, and eventually lost

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I still remember: On April 26, 2016, I was in Beijing again, sitting by the work of a Meituan takeaway. The sun was bright and more than 10 minutes, sitting and waiting, received a call from the uncle, said that his father has been having headaches recently, went to him as a guest, went to the hospital to do ct, suspected to be lung cancer. My heart was very sad, because my father was holding everything up, and his eyes lost his eyes instantly, and he immediately applied for resignation. The leader said that he needed to wait for the signature above. How can I wait? I went back home that day

After returning home, his father was hospitalized. After a series of examinations, he was diagnosed with brain metastases from lung cancer. He kept hiding from his father, and the young father knew clearly that he knew his condition! At that time: For various reasons, my father had no way to perform the surgery. We chose conservative treatment and tried the targeted drug Iressa. One month later, the lesions shrank. At that time, the price of targeted medicines was also relatively high, a quantity of 5000, 10 days, after 5 consecutive months, you can apply for free medicine

I have been worried about drug resistance. Fortunately, this drug has not been drug resistant. I have been taking it until May this year. I feel unwell and feel bloating. He went to the hospital for examination and found a large amount of pleural effusion. The head of the lungs has progressed. For the lungs, there is no therapeutic significance. Re-targeting drugs, molecular tests have been done, and the third-generation drugs are not suitable. There is no way to perform surgery, I really do n’t know what to do. I think I will try the third-generation medicine blindly, a box of 15,000, the medical insurance will not be reimbursed, for my father, try again

Finally, unfortunately, after CT and MRI comparison, there is no effect. I asked the director of the hospital again, each doctor's statement was different. Some suggested chemotherapy, some suggested no therapeutic significance, and the father was impatient, and we as children did not want him to suffer more crimes. Choose to go home

He returned home in June and was trained at home. Use mannitol for headaches to relieve his symptoms. Slowly, the effect of mannitol is getting smaller and smaller, and then it has no effect. Changing morphine to relieve pain is the same. At first, the effect is very good. One capsule a day, and then three capsules a day. No matter how painful, the father never broke his temper. He bit his teeth every night, really heartache ...

Later, the headache symptoms eased a lot, and my heart was comforted. Unexpectedly, after a few days, the vomiting was particularly severe. The left half of his body was unconscious, he could not walk, and his consciousness was relatively clear. Later, I ca n’t stand anymore, I have incontinence, sometimes my speech is blurred, and I know each of our loved ones, and my vision is blurred. Sometimes during the day, he would say why is it still not bright?

In November, I asked my father again. He said he had no headaches and did n’t know why. Now he is paralyzed, he has lost consciousness in his hands and feet, he ca n’t sit up anymore, and his cough is a little bit severe. I think his lungs have deteriorated again. With blood. After July, his father gradually became thinner. He weighed 190 pounds. When he finally left, it was about 140 pounds.

In mid-November, I felt that my father was short of breath, had a particularly fast breathing rate, ate less meals, and had more blood in the cough. After 3-5 days, he kept saying uncomfortable and painful, asking God to take him away. I could n’t sleep for several days. I could only sit on a quilt. In winter in November, it was a few degrees below zero in the north. He was sweating a lot, but how painful it is, his breathing rate is very fast, and we know the situation is real. Not good, everyone may know before leaving. He said to get all his loved ones back, he was leaving

Loved ones arrived at home continuously, and his father explained his funeral, while panting. He had no energy to make a sound, comfort me, don't cry, take care of his mother. How can I not cry? It really hurts. Can not share a little bit for him. I also tried to stop crying in front of him as much as possible. When my loved ones came back, about a few hours later, he was unconscious. He couldn't wake up no matter how he called. Finally left forever after 8 hours

From discovery to death. 3 and a half years. Alas ... I still lost, it was really helpless, it was really not a cost. Therefore, I urge all friends to be sure to love the loved ones around you, respect your parents, don't wait until you lose, then regret it!

What is most important? The body is the most important. .

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