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Daqiao Township, Neixiang County: "A bamboo pole" is smashed to the end, and a rope is tied to a "one-stop"

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Decision-making exploration magazine full media reporter Liu Zhenwei correspondent Wei Guanghua

"The seven-star stove was built, and the copper pot boiled three rivers. Set up the eight-xian table to entertain the sixteen parties." This scene took place on December 23, 2019. There was a celebration party in Zhengying Village, Daqiao Township, Neixiang County. Master Zheng Yunpeng came by appointment early in the morning. The recipe on the day in front of the stove was high: the source of beef and mutton, the variety of dishes, and a clear view. The staff of the food safety center in this township signed a escrow, which truly realized sunlight operation and healthy eating and drinking.

"The lack of catty is filled twice, without asking the source. There is no guarantee. The little head is right and wrong, and Le Jisheng is sad." The "one-stop" rural market that once had nothing to worry about has abruptly stopped in 2019, and the township government has "a bamboo pole". In the end, strictly implement the responsibility system, and bind the unruly "one-stop" in the cage of the system.

At the end of the year, the alarm sounded again. In order to create a festive atmosphere that is booming and celebrates the Chinese New Year, Daqiao Township once again convenes the entire township food and beverage management staff to conduct publicity and training around food safety knowledge, and the traditional rural group dinner gathering process And required detailed interpretation. The chef applied for a job, the practitioner presented a health and health permit, the subject applied for registration and was confirmed by the instructions. The Security Center controlled and controlled all the dishes, and resolutely put an end to safety accidents.

On the morning of the same day, the county and township food safety departments jointly conducted consultations and patrolled the inspections. Zheng Yunpeng's dishes were again spot-checked. The results showed that all of them were up to standard. Master Zheng Yunpeng is also very proud, blushing, smooth and free.

The leader of the township, Han Yi, deputy head of the township, said that people's livelihood is no small matter, and security is as big as sky. Over the past year, they have continued to carry out six major aspects of special management: first, food safety promotion, alarm bells, second, personnel certification and strict training; third, the source of food is clear and easy to trace; the fourth is the location of the dining environment. Fifth, the operating procedures are standardized and orderly; Sixth, responsibility supervision, and always make unremitting efforts.

Zheng Yunpeng is a poor household. He acquired the "one-stop" service skills after special government training. He said: "My job opportunities are hard-won. I must strictly ask myself, always remember to be safe, and serve the people heartily. . "

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